Yoga benefits for the heart

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The benefits of yoga are well known all around the world. Not only is a practice that contributes to mental clarity, but it strengthens our body from the inside. Spinning, boxing and crossfit classes are effective for getting fit – and for a good sweating – but they are not activities for everyone. Luckily there are other less aggressive options that also help us keep our physical condition. And one of them is yoga: an effective alternative that is ideal both for those who suffer from a weak cardiovascular system and for those who seek to strengthen it. Do you want to know its main benefits of yoga for the heart? Let’s go!

Meet 5 of the main benefits of yoga for the heart

Although yoga is suitable for every age and body, it is always important to consult with a health and/or physical activity professional to adapt any exercise to your own circumstances. Here we tell you 5 great benefits of yoga for the health of your heart:

1. Helps to reduce stress significantly

I’m super stressed, I don’t have time for anything! Surely you have heard and said this phrase multiple times. Stress is one of the main enemies of the heart and of health in general, and even more in the 21st century! If it extends for a long time, the body begins to release cortisol and adrenaline, two substances that together can narrow the main arteries and increase the pressure of the heart. With yoga, we learn to relax and keep stress under control, which contributes to the health of our heart, mind and body.

2. Contributes to stable blood pressure

Different studies have shown that practicing yoga on a regular basis helps reduce hypertension, since we lower the revolutions while strengthening our physical condition. A full-fledged win-win. If this is your case, look for the forward folds, the downward facing dog and the bridge pose, and adapt them as instructed by your teacher to enhance their benefits.

3. Reduce irregular heartbeat

Yoga is also a very powerful practice to reduce anxiety and depression, two pathologies that – among other harmful effects – can cause arrhythmias. It is for this reason that if we practice yoga on a regular basis and follow a healthy lifestyle, we will be more likely to maintain a regular heart rhythm.

4. Increase physical capacity

Even with the slowest yoga class we are getting fit. With regular practice, we improve flexibility, balance and muscle strength. The best? We will be strengthening our body in a healthy way without wearing down the muscles or joints.

5. Improves the quality of life of people with heart failure

Precisely by improving physical capacity and reducing stress levels in the body, we also contribute to reduce inflammation in the body, a fact that is especially beneficial for people suffering from heart failure. The winning combination would be to mix yoga with pranayama breaths and meditations. Take your favorite mala, get comfortable, close your eyes and let your thoughts flow to reach the calm you deserve.

As we have seen, there are many benefits of yoga for heart. Thus, if you follow a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise guidelines, you will be extending the life of your body and your mind. In addition, enjoying yoga relaxes the mind and take us to a state of tranquility. Have you checked already the schedules of the next yoga classes? Once you begin to notice the benefits of the practice you will not hesitate between staying on the sofa or practicing a few asanas 😉

Yoga goes through an endless path but the route is magical. Enjoy the process and if you liked this article we encourage you to share it in your social networks and leave us a comment.

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