Differences between acroyoga and aeroyoga

dos chicas sobre una esterilla Junglemat practicando ecroydoga delante de unas cristaleras

No one can deny that Hatha Yoga is the most classic style and one of the most practiced worldwide. However, there are many other yoga styles and sometimes we can get lost in their nomenclature and differences.

One of the types of yoga that are attracting more and more attention are those in which the law of gravity is challenged. Both acroyoga and aeroyoga (also called aerial yoga) are styles that allow us to practice yoga poses without having to touch the ground. It sounds crazy, right?

Next we will talk about these two types of yoga and the differences between them.


The acroyoga was born as a fusion between yoga and acrobatics. Hence its name. It is a very common mistake to think that acroyoga is practice for 2 because the reality is that 3 people are needed to practice it safe and correctly.

The person who is holding is called “base”. The person who practices the asanas on the body of the base is the “flyer”. The third person is called “spotter” and its function is to protect the flyer and make sure the poses and transitions are correct.

The practice of acroyoga is very fun and generates a lot of complicity among practitioners. It requires a lot of rapport and synchronization so all those involved must be very focused. In addition, trust and communication are the fundamental pillars of acroyoga. Everyone should trust that others will do their part in a safe and controlled manner and be able to communicate constantly how they feel with the practice and the pose.

Once a posture is mastered and you have enough confidence to practice it without a spotter, the base-flying couple can do it on their own. However, we must not forget that safety is very important and that´s why the spotter should be called again whenever they want to try new positions or a very advanced practice is being carried out.

One of the most fun parts of acroyoga is that it´s usually practiced in groups in the so-called “acroyoga jams”. Normally they are directed by one or more certified teachers in this discipline and are usually practiced outdoors. Everyone is welcome to these events so it´s a very good way to introduce yourself in this world. It consists of a series of dynamic previous activities to generate trust between the group followed by a more or less directed practice of acroyoga depending on the level of the attendees. The most interesting part of participating in these acro meetings is that you can be any of the three roles with different people. This enriches your confidence and your level of practice a lot.

Dos chicas haciendo acroyoga con una esterilla Junglemat

On the other hand, being a group practice favors the camaraderie and generates a great feeling of tribe. In addition, it is a very fun and enjoyable way to be introduced to the world of yoga.

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Aeroyoga is a registered brand so the best way to call this practice is Aerial Yoga. It´s also known as yoga trapeze because it is practiced on a kind of fabric hammock.

Unlike acroyoga, aerial yoga is an individual practice in which no one holds you but the postures are made using the safety of the trapeze and a series of fabric handles.

Although from the outside it may seem like a simple practice, nothing is further from reality. Doing yoga on a trapeze requires a lot of strength and control since being in the air forces you to maintain stability constantly through muscular work.

Normally it´s teached in yoga schools adapted for that. Aerial yoga can be practiced at different heights, being able to reach several meters above the ground if your practice is sufficiently advanced and you find yourself confident enough. That´s why it´s necessary that the trapeze is properly anchored to the roof to be safe. If you decide to practice outdoors, look for strong and robust branches or metal bars.

Aerial yoga is very fun for those who like the heights because you can get to feel something similar to flying in some occasions. It also greatly facilitates access to inverted postures since it´s not necessary to have both balance control and arm strength to perform them.

If you want to see some of the cool postures that can be done with a swing, don´t miss instagram accounts from @saraalaire y @yoginiaerial

As you can see, despite the huge difference between acroyoga and aerial yoga, both are very fun and playful practices that encourage creativity. You just have to think about any yoga pose and give free rein to the imagination to do it both with a couple or with a trapeze.

Yoga goes through an endless path but the route is magical. Enjoy the process and if you liked this article we encourage you to share it in your social networks and leave us a comment.

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