5 yoga books for beginners

Yoga en una libreria

Yoga is trendy. And it is not for less because the benefits of practice transcend the body and develop both the psychological and the spiritual part. Technically yoga is just a way to silence our mind in order to get our soul (atman) united with the universal soul (paramatman).

But how is that achieved?

There are several ways to get started in yoga practice but most of them start from a meditative practice or a physical practice through poses called asanas.

Usually people who get interested in this practice decide to go to a yoga school to start receiving classes. This will gradually lead you to a greater understanding of the other benefits of yoga.

But if you prefer to have an approach at home or even complement your yoga practice we bring you 5 essential books that can help with that.

The Yoga Healing Bible

This book written by Sally Parkes, one of the most expert authors in yoga anatomy, teaches us not only the main basic yoga poses but also introduces us to the techniques of meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises (pranayama). This way we can achieve a complete yoga practice from the beginning.

The postures are accompanied by photographs and very clear explanations step by step to be able to practice safely at home. It also includes routines to play an entire class easily.

What we like most about this book is that it includes modifications and adaptations for people who need a simpler version and for those who want to perform a slightly more advanced routine. In this way you can organize your practice autonomously according to your needs, time, experience, and capacity.

The yoga healing bible

Sivananda Begginer´s Guide to Yoga

The school of sivananda is one of the most classic in terms of yoga styles. It was created by Swami Sivananda and derives from Hatha Yoga. It is a slow yoga style, gentle and focused on meditation through the asanas. This type of yoga has a very high spiritual background.

In the book the 12 basic asanas of the Sivananda series are taught along 8 progressive chapters. In addition, each lesson includes a yoga session focused on achieving both the relaxation of the body and an increase in vital energy.

In addition to the asanas are included warm-ups and different adaptations for those people who have problems in achieving some poses.

What we like most about this book is that it includes additional and very valuable information such as tips related to diet, concentration, body relaxation and meditation. In brief, in the book you will find all the necessary tools to start a Sivananda practice at home.

B.K.S. Iyengar. Yoga

B.K.S. Iyengar is one of the leading teachers of yoga in the West. Its simplicity to imply the philosophy of yoga as well as its method to adapt yoga to anyone, whatever their physical condition and capacity are, has postulated him as one of the best yoga teachers in the world.

This book not only includes a physical practice but as we learn the basics of his method Iyengar guides us through a holistic path that includes explanations about the philosophical bases of yoga. In this way, the book works not only asanas but includes a mental practice thus achieving a perfect balance between our inner being and the body.

The book is extremely visual and includes many photographs so it is perfect to start practicing yoga in a pleasant and very complete way.

What we like most is that it includes a 20 weeks course for beginners as well as sequences of asanas developed especially to treat more than 80 diseases such as diabetes, asthma or arthritis.

By far one of the most complete yoga books for beginners that have been written.

The Yoga Bible

With more than 40 titles, the collection of books called “the bible of” has been postulated as one of the references to begin in any existing discipline, philosophy or alternative therapy.

Although “The Bible of Yoga” is not a book written specifically for beginners, it is a very complete guide both to start and to advance in daily practice. It includes a dossier with 160 postures perfectly described and accompanied by photographs.

The best thing about this book is that it gives you the keys to create your own sequences based on your level of practice, your characteristics and your physical needs.

The Power of Ashtanga yoga

If your intention is to start an Ashtanga yoga practice this book is essential in your library. Its author Kino McGregor is one of the worldwide references of Ashtanga in the West since she was a direct disciple of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, creator of this very complete yoga practice.

The importance of Ashtanga Yoga is that it is a path that implies a very high spiritual and personal development. This practice generates an evolution of daily habits towards a holistic lifestyle in which aspects such as strength of will, commitment, food and gratitude are worked on.

The book talks about not only the complete primary series, which describe step by step, but also the history and tradition of Ashtanga Yoga. In addition, it reflects very well the importance of the union between posture, breathing and the look at the time of practicing this discipline.

What we like the most is the enormous devotion to yoga that the author transmits, which is a great motivation when starting this practice.

Yoga goes through an endless path but the route is magical. Enjoy the process and if you liked this article we encourage you to share it in your social networks and leave us a comment.

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