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Differences between acroyoga and aeroyoga

dos chicas sobre una esterilla Junglemat practicando ecroydoga delante de unas cristaleras

No one can deny that Hatha Yoga is the most classic style and one of the most practiced worldwide. However, there are many other yoga styles and sometimes we can get lost in their nomenclature and differences. One of the types of yoga that are attracting more and more attention are those in which the […]

5 yoga books for beginners

Yoga en una libreria

Yoga is trendy. And it is not for less because the benefits of practice transcend the body and develop both the psychological and the spiritual part. Technically yoga is just a way to silence our mind in order to get our soul (atman) united with the universal soul (paramatman). But how is that achieved? There […]

How to wash your yoga mat

Limpiar esterilla yoga

When acquiring a yoga mat, one of the most common questions is how to wash and maintain the hygiene of it. That´s why in this article we are trying to clarify all your doubts. These recommendations are mainly to maintain hygiene conditions and disinfect your yoga mat. Firstly it´s necessary to clarify that it´s quite […]