My name is Lara. Biologist by calling and inveterate lover of nature. In 2015 I decided to launch myself into discovering the world, so I took a backpack and for a year and a half I dedicated myself to visit as many forests, jungles, waterfalls, beaches and mountains as possible. It was at that stage of my life that I truly connected in a very deep way with myself and then yoga became a special and very importan part of my life.

In 2017 I returned to Spain with great desire to undertake something that could reflect all my passions and that’s how, with the help of my mum Lola, we founded Junglemat.

Junglemat was born with the idea of offering yoga products that integrate respect for the planet, the love for nature and the need to offer sustainable alternatives to what there was on the yoga market at that time.


As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I realized that in Spain there was a very strong lack of yoga material. Especially in the Canary Islands it was very difficult or too expensive to get quality and beautiful mats. Therefore, in order to meet that need, we created Junglemat.


My mother and I are both nature lovers and for us respecting our planet is a priority. Hence we try to make all our products with natural and biodegradable materials.

We use ecological materials and we are inspired by different aspects of nature to make our designs. Our goal is that you feel the connection with the universe every time you use any of the Junglemat products.


At this time Lola is the thinking head of the company and I am the propelling force of new ideas. We both create the perfect team and we love what we do. Our intention is that you enjoy our products as much as we do.


Our goal is none other than to offer natural-made, high quality and highly visual designed yoga products and accessories for all those who have been practicing yoga for a long time or who are going to start for the first time. We want to be close to you and help you boost your inner yogi.


In Junglemat we aspire to become leaders in the yoga sector at a national level as well as to actively collaborate with environmental organizations raising awareness towards society about the importance of sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources.


CLOSENESS (with you)

In Junglemat we try to approach the yogis and transmitting them confidence and security. We want to remain close to you and help you boost and develop your inner yogi.

AWARENESS (with the environment)

Junglemat is committed to its Corporate Social Responsibilities by promoting the correct, sustainable and respectful use of the natural resources provided by our planet, our home.

QUALITY (with the product)

In Junglemat we offer a wide selection of products and accessories for the yoga practice. We meet high standards of quality, design and suitability for both physical and spiritual practices, always giving priority to biodegradable or sustainable nature-friendly materials.

FAIR TRADE (with our producers / artisans)

In Junglemat we believe in a more fair world and with the same opportunities for all people. Therefore, we have a network of collaborators, mainly local producers and artisans from different parts of the planet, who manufacture our products with the greatest possible care an always respecting nature.

MOTIVATION (with beginner yogis)

In Junglemat we intend to tear down the walls of the stereotypes that currently represent the yoga sector. We are sure that anyone can practice yoga without complexes or difficulties. Therefore, we encourage and try to continuously motivate those people who are going to start in this practice, in order to erase their insecurities and the possible lack of motivation.